Auto Glass Repair or Replacement

We’re the auto glass experts, and we take care of all your vehicle glasses – not just the windscreen! Your side and rear windows are also easily susceptible to chips and cracks. These are made of tempered glass which is manufactured by a special strengthening process. Tempered glass is designed to fracture into small pieces with rounded edges upon impact, which means that repairing the glass is not possible and a total replacement is your only safe option.

Your driving safety will be compromised if you neglect getting the side and rear glasses fixed. Call the Auto Glass Maple team for prompt, courteous and efficient services. We carry out thorough inspections before we commence the work, and again after the work is finished to ensure that all the mechanisms and functionality is intact. The replacement glass is to the same specifications so that it is a perfect fit.

With Auto Glass Maple , you can be sure of a stress free installation, with a warranty on our services and workmanship. Your vehicle will be thoroughly cleaned after the work is done, and we can dispose of the damaged glass for you in an environmentally safe way.

So what are you waiting for? Just give us a call and we will book an appointment for your glass replacements. We even understand the value of your time…so if you cannot come by, we will send our mobile technical team to your doorstep!

Now you really have no excuses for postponing getting your auto glass fixed…come to Auto Glass Maple for a hassle free car glass replacement, from start to finish…and keep driving safe!