Windshield Repair or Replacement

Few drivers realise just how important their windshield is to their safety. Your windshield performs several critical functions- the most obvious one is that it keeps the wind off your face while driving. However, it also prevents the roof from caving in during an accident, and protects you during a head-on collision. You windscreen glass is laminated, and is designed in a manner that it will not break into shards upon impact. Cutting corners on your windshield repair or replacement could prove very dangerous to your safety.

At Auto Glass Maple, we believe that if your windshield gets chipped or cracked, you must never delay showing it to a proficient technician. A deeply cracked windshield will lose its structural stability and break in the face of pressure, with disastrous results. Our technicians are the experts in Maple when it comes to all types of auto glass repair and replacement…call us to get a no-obligations quote and advice.

You car glasses are highly susceptible to cracks and chips. A minor crack on your windshield which is not very deep can be easily fixed with a quick repair. Repairing the glass is much cheaper than replacing it, and typically takes only a few minutes. Besides, a windshield repair would ensure that the original seal of the glass will remain intact- maintaining the structural integrity of the vehicle.

However, if it happens that the damage is major and is directly in the zone of vision or close to the edge, then windshield replacement is the safer option. An expert technician will be able to tell you which is the option that you should consider. Whatever be your decision, do not delay it for too long. If the crack on your glass is neglected, it could become deeper and dirt and dust could settle in it, in which case it cannot be safely repaired and should be replaced.

A perfect windshield replacement requires specialised skills and should not be attempted by someone without experience. At Auto Glass Maple, we are the number one Auto glass experts in the country- you can be sure of getting high quality professional services that give you the best value for your money.

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